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Desperate Mario

2008-12-13 13:18:49 by Pandamonium2

This Flash is for the Christmas Collection. In this Flash, Peach sends Mario on a wild goose chase for a present for Toad. Evidently, Bowser is looking for the same present. Mario then has to battle a army of koopa troopers for the present. When Mario finally reaches the present, it turns out Toad has already found it. Mario goes into a extreme rage mode and kills Toad. Mario then finds out he just kills Toad and now has to tell Peach. Ironic, isn't it.

Author's Comments: What I really wish for this Christmas is a tablet. I really want to start drawing my animations instead of doing sprites. I can't wait for my Christmas money to come in so I can buy a tablet at Circuit City.

Here's what I have so far for Desperate Mario: 4030_Desperate_Mario.php

PS: I'm new at Flash. Had it for about 5 months so constrictive criticism would help greatly. Thanks!

this picture didn't do so well because I did it in paint :[

UPDATE: I've got 1/3 of the movie so far. I broke my leg last night, nothing really serious, just a minor fracture, but it makes life difficult. It's stiffening right now so it hurts really bad. But here's an update on the movie, I'll post it when I have 2/3 of it finished which will be a fight scene. 0897_Desperate_Mario.php

For some reason the BG doesn't fade in. I'm going to have to work on that cuz it doesn't fade. =/


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2008-12-14 01:30:36

From your comments i see u dont like snawsball go to my user page and read the news


2008-12-14 09:40:34

Actually I'm changing the story. Bowser is trying to get the gift for his children, but Mario doesn't know. So then Mario gives Bowser the gift because that's what Christmas is about, giving.


2008-12-17 12:30:32

That's cooooooooool bro.


2008-12-20 00:05:44

that was so epic, i came out my ears.

Pandamonium2 responds:

What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-