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Toad's Preset is out

2008-12-24 14:43:20 by Pandamonium2

I finished it! FINALLY! It's been weeks. Well it's got a pretty good score, better than all my others.

If you have any comments on the movie post em here or there, just tell me what I can improve on to make my flashing skills better.

Toad's Preset is out

Desperate Mario

2008-12-13 13:18:49 by Pandamonium2

This Flash is for the Christmas Collection. In this Flash, Peach sends Mario on a wild goose chase for a present for Toad. Evidently, Bowser is looking for the same present. Mario then has to battle a army of koopa troopers for the present. When Mario finally reaches the present, it turns out Toad has already found it. Mario goes into a extreme rage mode and kills Toad. Mario then finds out he just kills Toad and now has to tell Peach. Ironic, isn't it.

Author's Comments: What I really wish for this Christmas is a tablet. I really want to start drawing my animations instead of doing sprites. I can't wait for my Christmas money to come in so I can buy a tablet at Circuit City.

Here's what I have so far for Desperate Mario: 4030_Desperate_Mario.php

PS: I'm new at Flash. Had it for about 5 months so constrictive criticism would help greatly. Thanks!

this picture didn't do so well because I did it in paint :[

UPDATE: I've got 1/3 of the movie so far. I broke my leg last night, nothing really serious, just a minor fracture, but it makes life difficult. It's stiffening right now so it hurts really bad. But here's an update on the movie, I'll post it when I have 2/3 of it finished which will be a fight scene. 0897_Desperate_Mario.php

For some reason the BG doesn't fade in. I'm going to have to work on that cuz it doesn't fade. =/


2008-11-02 22:01:32 by Pandamonium2

I recently had to destroy one of everyone on VGDC's hopes and dreams. Now I'm working on drawing and talking tuts on Flash Gaming. SO yeah. Drawing is hard without a tablet. Think I'm just going to have to do without.

Mushroom Chase 2

2008-10-20 19:23:46 by Pandamonium2

LOL Icon is weird /\ ok so Im doing MC2 and it's gonna be totally epic. Balls /\_/\

Hey guys!

2008-09-27 08:08:58 by Pandamonium2

Currently working on a Madness Tribute which might take 2 weeks...I'm pretty lazy and have only gotten 63 frames done so...I think I better get to work I just dun want to!!!! Ah well i'll finish it even if I want to or not because I'm like that.


2008-09-19 17:13:02 by Pandamonium2

Im a noob a noob a nooob!!